Photos via HighSnobiety
PZAZ Caffeine Mist

Client: PZAZ
Role: Designer, Animator

CD: Zipeng Zhu, Dazzle Studio
Animation: Rozi Zhu

PZAZ is a portable caffeine mist brand geared toward Gen Z with the mission of kicking 5-Hour Energy out of the market. PZAZ is zero calories, vegan, gluten free, contains vitamins, and it looks super cool. Units are sold all around New York City in bodegas right next to the cash register, as well as being featured at Urban Outfitters.

PZAZ prides itself on guerilla advertising and marketing—wheatpaste posters, tattoos of the logo, spraypaint on the sidewalk, disruptive taxi ads, crazy TikToks, stickers EVERYWHERE, and more—all happening in NYC.

Photos by Will Colacito

Photos by Will Colacito