Client: Chatbooks
Agency: This January
Role: Designer
Photography: Kremer Johnson

CDs: Zach Goodwin, Maggie Winters
Director: Nathan Colby
Producer: Erica Goodwin
Associate Producer: Jeremie Cander
Copywriter: Adam Narimatsu
DP: Sammy Yoon
Production Designer: Danielle Wood
Set and Wardrobe Asst: Ally Petris
PAs: Elena Kim, Taylor Gilkey
Chatbooks is a photo book brand looking to make it easier for anyone to instantly create a memory book straight from their phone.

The largest audience for Chatbooks is mothers who never have time to curate a special book due to the thousands of tasks they need to do during the day including things that are very difficult to deal with.

So, This January came up with “You Deserve More Easy”—both very simple but relatable campaign to be spread across stills, spots, and more.