What’s cookin’
good lookin’?

My name is Madelyn Hinojosa but I go by Mo. I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and currently open to any creative opportunities.

I guarantee you I always have a smile on my face!


Awards & Recognition:
2020        ADC Young Ones Bronze "Design for Good"
2020        New York Festivals Bronze "Positive World Impact”
2020        School of Visual Arts Junior Portfolio 5.0/5.0
2020        SVA Motion Spring Show Exhibition
2017-        SVA Term Honors
2017          FBLA Utah First Place in Graphic Design

Leo ♌︎

Spirit Animal:
Otter 🦦

Fave Movie:
Back to the Future 🕙

Starbucks Order:
Triple White Mocha with
Almond Milk ☕️

Role Model:
The Pink Power Ranger 💞

Relationship Status:
Married to Spider-Man,
sorry fellas 🕷

Fave Song:
“Fruit Salad” by the Wiggles 🍉

Fan of: Marvel, Star Wars,
Star Trek, The Beatles, anime,
One Direction, good movies,
bad movies, horrible movies,
pad thai, Selena, weird YouTube
videos, ABBA, and a million
other things

All Rights Reserved 2022 Madelyn “Mo” Hinojosa